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Extracts to remember:

The FED is bailing Europe out, a Marshal plan part two is taking place, the balance sheet of the FED expanded 2.,3 trillion dollars.
Al Capone and Baby Face, pure quantitive fraud, a planet made of gold, Bernie Madoff and Lloyd Blackfine (Goldman Sachs CEO) should be in the same jail for the next 150 years.
Harnessing and hijacking Governments, Banks govern the Governments, debt based economy and money,
misallocation of assets, power differential and financial leverage. Technology, trading supercomputers bots, (HFTT) High Frequency Trading and terrorism. CO2 junk bonds, momentum traders, CNBC programmed day traders, JPMorgan and the rigged markets, silver and gold bullion price manipulation.
IMF substituting the Nations, (SDR) Special Drawing Rights super leveraged, bailing debt with more debt, committing the same crime dressed up like your mother.
The bond vigilantes, blood, the Keynesians, and the gold vigilantes.
IMF, a trunk organization, special offshore vehicles, money machine for the insiders, dark universe and dark exchanges, debt slavery, inevitable collapse, replacing the Nation States with a global single integrated system of a Banking empire.
End Game (phase one), Ecclesiastical arbitrage, prepare yourselves for the collapse of the corporate system and become more self-sufficient….
Our only hope to support the Republic and change the system from within the government to serve the people and not the Bankers…

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