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In the eyes of the global elite it is time for Canadians to be whipped into a state of fear in order to accept the increasing police state under big brothers watchful eye and to move us another step closer to a North American Union and a One World Government. Their favorite tactic in this sinister agenda is to manipulate the masses into begging for their own slavery. This is often achieved incrementally by utilizing their theory of “order out of chaos”.
That is precisely why fire bombings and acts of vandalism along with the destructive and violent tactics of the Black Block amount to nothing more than FUEL FOR THE FIRE. The global elite who manipulate the masses need that clash. They want us to get violent, they want us to destroy property, and they need that excuse to achieve their next level of tyranny here in Toronto Canada. If there is no real threat then they simply create one. In 2007 at a summit in Montebello Quebec 3 police officers were caught red handed engaging in agent provocateur activities. They were dressed as aggressive protesters with rocks in their hands in an attempt to incite violence which in turn provided an excuse for the riot police to shut down the otherwise peaceful protest. The event is documented in my last film “The Nation’s Deathbed”. The RCMP and CSIS have a history of using false flag operations to manipulate the masses. In August of 2003 the RCMP along with CSIS arrested 24 men in Toronto with allegations that they were a terrorist network that was planning to blow up a nuclear facility as well as bomb the CN tower! All 24 men were eventually proven innocent and all charges were dropped. But while they were being held, there was a “media frenzy fear mongering campaign” about how Canadian cities are no longer safe from “terrorist”. The front page of every newspaper at the time was filled with things like “Terror has arrived in Canada” and “Are we safe?” But when the men were finally proven innocent, it was barely mentioned in the back of newspapers. So the masses have been conditioned to believe that there is a threat from terrorists, when in fact those men were set up! The whole thing was manufactured by CSIS and the RCMP!

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