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UFO disclosure: The Tale of Two Earths?

Opinion piece by Lawrence Vincent drlvb@aol.com

Just like The Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens, there may be a Tale of Two Earths! On “Earth a” there are no UFOs, only its unsubstantiated beliefs. It is like the Earth we know today with only earthbound or low-earth orbit technologies floating above in our daily heavens. Since “Earth a” has no UFOs, man-made or extraterrestrial of any kind, if anything resembling such is seen, it is usually easily explained away as ball lightning or some type of mass hallucinations. NASA does not believe nor does it budget funds to support such notions and routinely dismisses any claims of UFO sightings. “UFOs just don’t exist on “Earth a”! They are completely alone in the universe and are the highest evolved sentient life forms”.

Now envision “Earth b”, a planet possessing the ability to leave the solar system at will and travel to distant galaxies to have conversations with other advanced civilizations. “Earth b” knows how to manipulate the fundamental forces of gravity, which is a very important concept for understanding the universe. They also know that it’s a waste of time and money (billions of dollars and Euros) to employ super particle accelerator programs. The European Large Hadron Collider, for example, is merely a tool to validate what other advanced civilizations have already learned and are sharing with them. Even the Standard Model for Physics is correct and holds true throughout the universe, thereby encouraging “Earth b” physicists to have unlimited imaginations … as well as alchemists.

This planet, despite all of its technological advances, is also steadfastly against disclosure to its public. They spend billions of dollars to deceive and intimidate anyone who shows the faintest interest in the notion that UFOs and their technologies exist. Even though a large majority of the population on “Earth b” feel that extraterrestrials do exist, the motivation to release this information is not strong enough to force the military, intelligence agencies, industries, and large academic institutions-complex (which really represents a complex of entities against human advancement in technology moving too quickly, i.e. they want to control the future) to acquiesce and share sensitive information about its new found unearthly technologies. To do so would revolutionize the transportation industry overnight, thus beginning a steady decline in transportation fatalities, and zero fossil fuel consumption. Naturally, the MI2AC will have the most to lose, initially, but we all have faith in them ultimately regaining their strangle hold on the global economy. Simply put, “Earth b” can’t survive under the present conditions with the continuance of humanity at stake. MI2AC is completely aware of this, but finds themselves unwilling to change, for the sake of the planet, themselves, or their families, for that matter.

Everyone on both Earths also suffers from lack of advanced aeronautical technology. Truly, it is a world-class travesty of epic proportions beyond the control of their governments. For example, consider all the lives lost in flight related accidents, both directly and indirectly involving modern-day aeronautical technology that could have been prevented with advanced technology. According to the Aircraft Crash Record Office (or ACRO), the number of aircraft fatalities from 1972-2008 (worldwide) was 15,423, involving 1,731 crashes. At first glance, this may not seem like many personal tragedies, but suppose you or your loved one was part of these statistics? In addition, remember that two space shuttle mishaps have taken the lives of fourteen brave American astronauts and associated personnel involved in the recovery of these spacecraft. On “Earth b” the space program is part of a greater deception to seduce the public’s attention away from the issue of real space travel in an attempt to downplay the UFO phenomena that frequently occurs on their planet. There is absolutely no genuine incentive to build and maintain a space industry with its infrastructure on “Earth b”. In other words, NASA on “Earth b” is deliberately wasting billions of taxpayer dollars every year supporting an archaic idea that has been obsolete since the construction of the first space shuttle, OV-101 Enterprise in June 4, 1974. Additionally, “Earth b” also consumed roughly 85 million barrels of petroleum per day in 2008 for combustion of fossil fuels and other petroleum based products. Now factor in the number of automobiles on “Earth b” as a result of gasoline consumption from automobiles produced by large auto manufacturers cranking out combustion engines. All of these technologies or industries are re-enforcing the deliberate act of being inefficient even though they recognize it to be a wasteful format for the acquisition of non-renewable resources of energy.

For “Earth b” the norm is to wait and wait and wait until the so-call time is right; which was actually “right,” over sixty years ago. Now the inhabitants on “Earth b” are fighting for their very existence as a species with the clock ticking down and their off-world friends wondering what on “Earth b” is going on! Sadly, the MI2AC is fully aware of the dilemma on “Earth b” and perhaps is now too afraid of the consequences for not disclosing their little secrets sooner. What a quandary for “Earth b”!

Meanwhile, in a further attempt for “Earth b” to continue to appear in control (national security stuff) it actually used the UFO as a propaganda tool during the Cold War to keep attention away from what governments were secretly doing in labs and aircraft hangars around the world. This may have actually been a weak attempt by some MI2AC members to hint (indirectly) at the existence of UFO technology! “Earth b” gravely understands the dire necessity for a global change in its energy consumption, but the release of UFO technology just isn’t a viable option when they consider the strong wall of non-disclosure they have built up for decades. Hence, they are forced to consider alternative fuels until something magically comes along to improve the situation.

Suddenly … “Earth b” finds itself in a new age of enlightenment called the Internet. Already, it is rapidly leveling the playing field for gathering information about the UFO phenomena around the world, which doesn’t officially exist, and the promise of technology accompanying it. However, there is one serious problem (or Achilles heel) for the UFO naysayers of both Earth’s as it relates to disclaiming the existence of UFOs. From a historical perspective, did UFOs originate from Earth or some place else in the universe?

If we are to believe “A Tale of Two Earths,” then this split must have occurred when humans first stumbled into caves and used their walls as canvases to describe their primitive surroundings. For those on “Earth a and b” that believe in time travel and the notion that we have come back to revisit Earth in UFOs, at the risk of sounding cynical, to what purpose would it be to spawn such tales of unearthly visits? If they are from the distant future of “Earth a, or Earth b”, then their very existence here has fundamentally and irreversibly altered everyone’s future. From this perspective, we are back to square one with mind-boggling technologies being withheld from us (or humans) for the good of “whom” on Earth? But, to get back to my point, based on primitive drawings, UFOs have been around as far back as their prehistoric ancestors have been able to make pictorial accounts of them. So, the real question begging a serious answer is “If UFOs are man-made, then how did these prehistoric humans manage to build them back then” … ahh, I mean the inhabitants of “Earth a” or “Earth b” or … well, you get my point?

Finally, from this writer’s understanding of the situation on either Earth, no matter how you look at this conundrum, to have this advanced technology and not share it with its inhabitants is totally irresponsible or selfish in the most horrific manner ever perpetrated on humankind. For this reason, I believe there is only one Earth … the one with the fancy spaceships!

Lawrence Vincent is a science fiction writer and can be found here Amazon’s online Kindle bookstore as well as Google Books.
His current novel takes place one hundred thousand years ago in Africa, when Earth was visited by a benevolent race known as the Phalecians, in a science fiction novel called DNA3

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One hundred thousand years ago in Africa, Earth was visited by a benevolent race known as the Phalecians, in the science fiction novel DNA3 – The Great Discovery.

In an experiment, the Phalecians alter the DNA of the pre-human race in preparation for their future return to Earth, once human civilization is ready for them. However, as time passes, the Phalecians forget their experiment, allowing humans to continue developing on their own.

When Earth is rediscovered by a Phalecian ship passing through a distant part of the galaxy, a massive search for Earth’s archival records begins.
The Phalecians must decide whether to make contact with their “children,” or to simply leave the planet alone forever. But can they leave Earth when there’s a major invasion looming by the cannibalistic Thetans?

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