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The Army, Air Force and the office of the Defense Department’s chief information officer hosted 50 local high school students at the Pentagon Feb. 3, 2011, to begin recruiting the next generation of the federal government’s information technology work force. DOD photo by Cheryl Pellerin

Pentagon Seeks Future Information Technologists

By Cheryl Pellerin
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2011 – The Army, Air Force and the office of the Defense Department’s chief information officer hosted 50 local high school students at the Pentagon today to begin recruiting the next generation of the federal government’s information technology work force.

We’re trying to get the high school students interested in information technology so we can establish a pipeline of students and future employees for the Defense Department and the federal government,” Joyce France, director of CIO management services for the DOD chief information officer, told reporters during the conference.

When they weren’t listening to cybersecurity or social media briefings, touring the DOD Network Monitoring Instruction Center or learning how to apply for federal jobs, the students were crowding around tables featuring literature and videos about the kind of information technology work that’s available within the Defense Department.

Defense Information Systems Agency representatives talked about cyber defense, simulation experts talked about computer crime and forensics, and officials from the Defense Technical Information Center talked about the DOD Technopedia.

“This is an opportunity to crack the door a little bit to give students a peek inside the Pentagon,” France said.

Sponsors included the Army, Air Force, Marines, the National Security Agency, Naval Sea Systems Command, the DOD Education Activity, and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command headquarters.

DOD and the Federal CIO Council reach out to local high schools, where teachers recommend juniors and seniors who are achievers in information technology, math, science and engineering for the program.

The program began in 2007 with 39 students. By the end of the 2011 program, 200 students will have attended the sessions this year.

“We’ve beefed up our campaign to promote the program, and the federal effort has beefed up as well,” said Tina-Marie Buckman, the DOD information technology work force team lead. “We want them to understand that DOD is an employer of choice.

“There are plenty of opportunities,” she added. “It’s not just join DOD to join the military, it’s not just a desk job — it’s exciting, relevant and needed professions within the Department of Defense. We can be the employer of choice, and we want to be.”

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….as a result of austerity, imposed on Greece by its Illuminist led government, unemployment has hit 70% in some places. The country’s budget deficit has been reduced by 40%, truly draconian. Spending by government has been cut 10%, which is more than double what the EU and IMF has required. Bankruptcies abound and purchasing power and consumption have plunged. Consequently GDP has fallen 1.5% in the past quarter and tax revenue has fallen off a cliff. Companies, particularly in Perama and Piraeus still are sending ships to other locations for repairs, because Greek wage costs are still too high. In this world of free trade and globalization the cheapest wage gets the business. That means Greeks are going to have to work harder if they want employment. Experts say GDP will fall 4% this year, which will be severe, with 17% of shops in Athens already filing for bankruptcy.

Instead of this madness Greece’s leadership should have cut government spending by 30%, lowered taxes, defaulted fully or partially on their debt, left the euro and returned to a lower valued drachma. Now they’ll be in depression for years paying off bankers whose loans and bond purchases were professionally ill advised and the funds were created out of thin air.

These measures have the country in depression and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, as bankers clamor for their money. The worst is yet to come as bigger layoffs begin and prices on everything skyrocket.
Greece is on the edge of revolution and well it should be. This IMF imposed tyranny should never have been imposed in the manner in which it has been, crudely.
We haven’t seen the end of the Greek and euro crisis by a long shot and there is a good chance the reaction to such problems could easily spread to Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy.
Several months ago in Greece’s largest newspaper, as well as on Greek radio and television, we predicted these results and what is to follow. The answer is to get rid of your false leadership that is selling you into IMF servitude that will last for decades. Like Spain was a military training ground for Germany in the 1930s in preparation for WWII, Greece is being used as a training ground for world economic and financial subjugation as planned by the forces of darkness in its quest for total world domination.
The one-world creators of the euro are aghast at the path five of the 16 members have followed and particularly Greece. As we predicted ten years ago Greece and Italy should have never been allowed into the euro zone because they had cooked their books with the assistance of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. One interest rate can never fit all and you cannot have a monetary zone until you have a EU constitution voted for by the people.
Now Greek PM George Papandreou, Bilderberger and Illuminists, have invited Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, one of the founding fathers of the euro to advise the country on its debt management. This certainly is by design, so that Greece will do exactly as Europe’s Illuminists want them to do, and, of course, the IMF as well. The question is how much more debt will be piled onto Greece’s shoulders to bail out European bankers? The first loan was for $141 billion and Greece’s ten-year bonds’ yields are still four times those of Germanys.
There is presently a giant sales job being used on the Greek people to accept Mr. Padoa-Schioppa as their savior. And, of course, a great deal is being made of the fact that he is saving Greece at his own expense – pro bono. We can assure your Europe’s elitists will make sure he is well compensated.

Ten-year Greek Treasury bonds yield 10.6%, whereas Germany’s ten-year bunds yield 2.27%, that is a difference of 8.33%. There is good reason for the giant gap. In fact Greece has never met Maastricht guidelines of public debt of 3% of GDP. No matter how you look at it Greece is headed for default and that was obvious from the beginning. All they are doing is piling on more debt. Default, total or partial, is the only solution. In that process the euro has to be abandoned.

There are those who believe the EU and the IMF have brought Greece time. That may be true, but the cost is depression that might last 30 years and the sale of Greek assets to pay back lenders, all of which will be sold to vulture elitists at $0.30 on the dollar. We also believe that within three years Greece’s debt will be $435 billion…. Η συνέχεια και ολόκληρο το σχετικό άρθρο απο τον Μπόμπ Τσάπμαν  για την Ελλάδα εδω